• Each country has different regulations and policies regarding plant imports, especially in terms of licensing and taxes. This is the responsibility of the buyer. If there is a problem or the package is held by customs in the destination country because of the cost of taxes or import permits, the buyer is obliged and responsible to solve it.                                                   
  • The applicable regulations in Indonesia for the export of plants are applying for an export license which is a requirement for making phytosanitary certificates. And carry out plant inspections at the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency. This process is mandatory for each shipment and takes 1-2 weeks in normal times.
  • There may be minor damage to the plant during the shipping process, some leaves turn yellow or break and some roots are damaged. Please buyers understand and immediately notify us. We will help give instructions on what steps to do so that the plant does not die in the future.
  • If there is heavy damage to the plants during the shipping process such as damage or rotting of the plant as a whole.
    We will resend a new plant on the condition that shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • All problems will be resolved in a familial manner.