Philodendron Sodiroi Variegated

$100 $85

There is one unique ornamental plant that even looks like bling-bling. The plant is Philodendron Sodiroi. Its leaves are silver so they look like they are shiny. This plant is a testament to the natural wealth of the earth on which we stand. So beautiful and stand out. This plant was once found in the midst of the expanse of green leaves of various plants by the natives of Guyana, the country of France. If you are one of the lucky people who can have it, take good care of this plant.


We sell Philodendron Sodiroi Variegated plants and serve shipping to all over the world with safe packaging and complete with phytosanitary certificates. The photo above is for reference, we will send plants that have healthy roots, stems and 2 – 4 leaves. Plant delivery is without soil, will use sphagnum moss or tissue to keep the roots moist. Buyer / customer will get free shipping with purchase over $600 for all types of plants.

Note :

Process after payment

  • Step 1, the process of applying for an export permit to obtain a phytosanitary certificate. Takes 10 – 12 days
  • Step 2, plant quarantine process.
  • Step 3, packaging and shipping. Takes 6 – 7 days to ASIA destinations, 7 – 8 days to USA & CANADA destinations & 8 – 10 days to EUROPE destinations