Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor


The photos are for reference only. Plants has 3 – 4 leaves. We do packaging safely, use tisue for shipping media, use safe boxes and are resistant to hot and cold weather.

We can ship these plants all over the world. And each country has its own rules and policies, especially regarding import permits and tax fees at customs.

We will replace it by resending the order. It is recommended that buyers take photos and videos to make the process clear and easy. But we hope that plant buyers must understand the risks of buying plants from abroad. If some leaves are lost due to breaking or yellowing, that’s still normal. We are ready to help what steps should be taken with plants.

Each country has different regulations and policies regarding plant imports, especially in terms of licensing and taxes. This is the responsibility of the buyer. If there is a problem or the package is held by customs in the destination country because of the cost of taxes or import permits, the buyer is obliged and responsible to solve it.

The applicable regulations in Indonesia for the export of plants are applying for an export license which is a requirement for making phytosanitary certificates. And carry out plant inspections at the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency.

PHYTOSANITARY is ready for 10 – 12 bussiness days.
SHIPPING with DHL Express : 4 – 7 days to USA & 5 – 8 days to CANADA, EROPA, AFRICA and Etc

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The Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor plant has spotted leaves with three colors, namely dark green, bright green, and white which makes it look like an army hue. Aglaonema pictum tricolor grows at an altitude of 1000 – 2000 meters on the slopes of volcanoes on the islands of Sumatra and Nias. Having army pattern leaves makes the Aglaonema pictum tricolor also known as the camouflage plant. The leaves of Aglaonema pictum tricolor are oval with a size that is longer and wider than the leaves of the aglaonema plants in general. In addition, the aglaonema pictum tricolor plant also has thicker woody stems. This characteristic of the aglaonema pictum tricolor plant makes it one of the rare ornamental plants.

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Weight 100 g

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