General Question

Blitar, East Java – Indonesia.

We can ship these plants all over the world.

And each country has its own rules and policies, especially regarding import permits and tax fees at customs.

For shipments we use the DHL Express service. Shipping rates to Southeast Asia, US, EU and other countries :

USD 30 for Southeast Asia (1 – 3kg volume)
USD 45 for US (1 – 3 kg by volume)
USD 55 for EU (1 – 3 kg by volume)
USD 60 for Other (1 – 3 kg by volume)

3 kg of volume that suitable up to 10 plants depends on plants size. We have a free shipping promo if the purchase is over USD 500.

Please note that rates and shipping options may vary during the holiday season and inclement weather conditions. On a typical day, it takes 6-7 days for a package to be shipped worldwide using DHL.

After the payment is complete, we immediately apply for a plant export permit, inspect the plant at the quarantine office and finish processing the phytosanitary certificate document.

It takes 1-2 weeks working days. The process of sending the package to the destination country can take between 4 – 8 days.

Yes, the buyers will receive a DHL Express trucking number. We will send the trucking number via email and the buyers can monitor the process of the package journey on the official  DHL Express website.

We only accept order payment via Paypal.

We only send the best plants (healthy and rooted) according to the buyer’s order. We take pictures of the plants before packing and will notify the buyer by email.

We do packaging safely, use sphagnum moss for media, use safe boxes and are resistant to hot and cold weather.

We will replace it by resending the order. It is recommended that buyers take photos  and videos to make the process clear and easy. After that the buyers can contact us via email.

But we hope that plant buyers must understand the risks of buying plants from abroad.  If some leaves are lost due to breaking or yellowing, that’s still normal.  We are ready to help what steps should be taken with plants.

You can contact us via our contact page, send an email to :

Or directly via WhatsApp for a faster response.